Recently, I read about the importance of paying your credit card bills on time and the repercussions of failing to do so. I have been fortunate to be able to pay my credit card bills on time so far, however I realized there aren’t enough measures in place to prevent me from missing a bill payment. Thankfully my bank sends out a notification email to my Gmail Account, informing me of when my next payment is due and how much I need to pay.

I often read the email and forget to set a Calendar notification for myself and I…

Tensorflow’s framework for mobile devices


Have you tried building a custom Darknet model and realized that it will be very difficult for this model to run on a mobile app? Have you found yourself looking for a way to convert this model into a mobile-compatible format (TensorFlow lite)? Well, I hope that the solution I used will work for you. (Skip to What did I use to convert? section for solution)

Long story short, I managed to train a custom tiny-Yolo V3 model using the darknet framework and need to convert my model to Tensorflow Lite format. …

Following on from my previous article, I will be talking about how to begin preparing a custom dataset to train a Darknet model on Windows. If you have not installed Darknet as yet, I strongly suggest following my tutorial linked above. Assuming that you have an idea about Darknet by now, I will just dive right into it.

If you would like to simply confirm if your files are located in the correct folder, then I suggest navigating to the “File Path Guide” section below.

Logo for Darknet

Custom Training configurations

The very first step is to find yolov3.cfg file located in the cfg folder and…


What is Darknet? For those who aren’t familiar, Darknet is an open-source framework that supports Object Detection and Image Classification tasks in the form of Convolutional Neural Networks. Darknet is mainly known for its implementation of the YOLO algorithm (You Only Look Once), which has demonstrated state of the art performance when it comes to real-time object detection.

YOLOv3 object detection example from

Chances are if you want to create real-time object detection models on your webcam or video recording, you might want to consider using the YOLOv3 algorithm that is located in this framework. That being said, onto the main purpose of this article.

So in this week’s open source adventures, I decided to tackle some bugs in the Kubernetes Website GitHub repository. This repository can be accessed here. So before I begin discussing the bug fixes that I made in this repository, I would like to highlight the reason I chose this repository specifically. If you have read one of my previous blog posts titled, “Kubernetes”, you will have already known that I am deeply fascinated in Kubernetes as well as other DevOps platforms. …

In this week’s episode of open source adventures, I was tasked with fixing bugs in the URL parsing of Brave Browser. First of all what is Brave Browser? It is an open source web browser that focuses on blocking web trackers and intrusive advertisements. It also encourages privacy by sharing less of your personal data with advertising companies. Now that we know a little about Brave Browser, what does that mean for us?

Brave Browser is open source meaning anyone can access the code base as well as contribute. Since it is a relatively new browser compared to Firefox and…

This week in my open source class, I was tasked with the job of adding a functionality to an open source project called bridge-troll created by my professor David Humphrey. The feature that was requested to be added to this project can be seen here. So basically what this feature revolves around is that currently the bridge-troll project only renders the background on the map as a light colour which is not very optimal for night time usage. …

In my next episode of open source adventures, I was introduced to open standards and running test suites. So I do know what open source but I have no clue what are open standards. Well open standards are the guidelines or rules that define what can be open and distributed in the open source community. So a better way of thinking about this is laws put in place by contributors themselves to ensure that the open source community and the global software community has some sort of stability in it.

Now this phrase open standards was completely new to me…


For the first bug in the GitHubCity repository, I decided to tackle a bug regarding an if else statement. The bug can be seen here. What the bug is about is the code used for the if else statement of a function is overly repetitive and needs a cleaner way of doing this. There was a person who previously did this change and the admin was asking for someone to fix the bug similiar to this person.

As you can see in the code sample above, this code is written in Python. Also the if else statement is checking the…

I decided to work on two bugs from different open source projects for my first real contribution to the Open Source community. The first bug is located in an open source project called GitHubCity. You can access this project via their github. This project is used to locate all Github Users in a specified city. It does this by accessing the location set in the users’ github profile.

The docs for this project is located here. I chose this project after searching for several hours for a bug that I am capable of implementing. I ended up finding this repository…

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